Dignified Employment

The Role of Artisans in the Modern World

The term artisanal has gained increasing popularity in the modern world, and is used to describe a wide variety of products from food to home […]

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The Informal Work Market

The informal work market refers to work and services that are completed without registration with or taxation by the government.  While this definition may trigger […]

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Support Fair Trade And Help Curtail Modern Day Slavery

The right to freedom is one of the most basic human rights, and yet millions around the world are stripped of this right through modern […]

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Models and Innovations

The Cooperative Model As A Path To Social Equity And Environmental Sustainability

Profit making is essential for making livelihoods sustainable. It ensures that investments are returned and enables continued investment to keep the enterprise healthy and competitive. […]

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The 6C Model

There are many factors that come into play for ensuring the success of social enterprises.  Within the artisanal sector, also known as creative manufacturing, Industree […]

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Environmental Impact

Greenkraft: Sustainable Materials in the Home and Lifestyle Market

In today’s home and lifestyle market, natural looking products have steadily gained popularity, mirroring the societal trend of going green and mindful living. One company […]

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Artisan Manufacturing and the Environment

The term artisanal has grown in use and gained cache to describe products in certain categories such as food, clothing, lifestyle, and home decor. Artisanal […]

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Aligned Ideas

Supporting Artisan Livelihoods Helps Achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a road map towards building a more inclusive and sustainable society by the year 2030.  The 17 […]

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Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

The drive to do good with business and generate social impact is a common theme in organizations across sectors today. A category of business models […]

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